Dr. Corey J. Bishop



University of Utah (2009), B.S. Biomedical Engineering
Johns Hopkins University (2015), Ph.D. Biomedical Engineering


I have been interested in developing a theranostic platform drug delivery formulation to co-deliver siRNA and DNA in human cancer cell lines. The polymer and nucleic acids are ionically complexed to gold nanoparticles in a layer-by-layer fashion. I am interesting in using gold nanoparticles for a number of other applications such as DNA tracking, pH sensing, and for improving nuclear uptake using NLS conjugation. I have also been investigating how the structure of a polymer affects its DNA binding affinity and how this information relates to the polymers’ abilities to effectively deliver DNA for successful transfection. I am also interested in co-delivering small molecules (acriflavine/doxorubicin/digoxin) with anti-vascular properties (anti-HIF) using PLGA nanoparticles for anti-cancer applications.