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Selected Journal Articles
Mangraviti A, Tzeng SY, Kozielski KL, Wang Y, Jin Y, Gullotti D, Pedone M, Buaron N, Liu A, Wilson DR, Hansen SK, Rodriguez FJ, Gao GD, DiMeco F, Brem H, Olivi A, Tyler B, Green JJ.
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KL Kozielski, SY Tzeng, JJ Green
Expert Review of Medical Devices 10 (1), 7-10; 2013
RB Shmueli, JC Sunshine, Z Xu, EJ Duh, JJ Green
Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology and Medicine; 2012
JC Sunshine, MI Akanda, D Li, KL Kozielski, JJ Green
Biomacromolecules; 2011
Stephany Y Tzeng, Hugo Guerrero-Cázares, Elliott E Martinez, Joel C Sunshine, Alfredo Quiñones-Hinojosa, Jordan J Green
Biomaterials 32 (23), 5402-5410; 2011
JC Sunshine, CJ Bishop, JJ Green
Therapeutic Delivery; 2011
NS Bhise, RB Shmueli, JC Sunshine, SY Tzeng, JJ Green
Expert Opinion on Drug Delivery 8 (4), 485-504; 2011
SY Tzeng, PH Yang, WL Grayson, JJ Green
International Journal of Nanomedicine; 2011
RB Shmueli, DG Anderson, JJ Green
Expert opinion on drug delivery 7 (4), 535-550; 2010
JJ Green, R Langer, DG Anderson
Accounts of chemical research 41 (6), 749-759; 2008
Book Chapters
Bhise, N.S. and Green, J.J.
Tissue and Organ Regeneration: Advances in Micro and Nanotechnology; 2014
Green, J.J., Langer, R. Anderson, D.G.
Handbook of Materials for Nanomedicine; 2010
Green, J.J., Zugates, G.T. Langer, R. Anderson, D.G
Methods in Molecular Biology, Molecular Medicine and Biotechnology; 2009